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To encourage international friendship and understanding among teenagers and adults, both foreign and domestic, and to introduce members to the industrial, social, educational, religious, and secular heritage of each member country.

Making Friends

around the


What is the Operation Friendship (OF)?

Operation Friendship is a collective of several non-profit organizations located in Europe and the United States. They are dedicated to fostering international friendships and understanding via student exchanges. With more than 50 years of exchanges, Operation Friendship has crafted over the years an excellent program for your son or daughter to discover culture first-hand without the long-term commitment of a semester or year abroad. It is a terrific way to experience travel and new horizons while nurturing lasting friendships and broadening horizons. Parents will also get to know each other and join our international network of new friends.

Our volunteer organizations - referred to as a Chapter - run their exchange program modeled on the same method. Each country introduces participants to the social, educational, religious, and secular heritage of their country. The youths gain initiative and grow in their development of personality, character and increased social awareness.

OF is spearheaded by Operation Friendship International (OFI), mothership of all our volunteer organizations. Today OF exists in 10 cities (4 in the USA and 6 in Europe)


Our chapter, Operation Friendship FRANCE (OFF) was founded in the town of Fresnes - a southern suburb of Paris - in January 2018. In 2019 OFF officialized itself as a registered NGO Association Loi 1901. Operation Friendship France is a member of Operation Friendship International.

Operation Friendship France

10 rue Maurice Ténine

94260 Fresnes - France

Email: contact@operationfriendship.fr

Registered Association loi 1901 n°.

RNA W93005041 - Siret 838 945 673 00013 - APE 9499Z